The Inevitable

The Inevitable

Notwithstanding Moore's Law, that the powers of all computer chips will double every eighteen months, if not less, the very fact remains that computers are changing the world faster than they can change themselves.

Yet, Kevin Kelly noted, computers, or, internet, were around in 1991. In fact, they were created in the mid 1960s, to prevent the possibility of a nuclear meltdown, which invariably led to the shut down of the whole communication infrastructure. Thus, computers would remain the viable object of communication.

More surprisingly, commercialization has been chafed at since the very dawn of internet. Many attempts were made to prevent commercialization of the Internet, especially by the coders and programmers themselves. But by 2000, all the taboos and prohibitions on commerce and trade have gone.

The Internet now is a ubiqituous trading machine, with the apps running as a parallel universe to support each other, creating a seamless experience on the computers and the hand held smart phones. According to Kevin Kelin, the first rule to understand the impact of computer is that the process will not change. In fact, it will head not to utopia or protopia. In the latter, tomorrow is always marginally better than the day before.

A computer world, with or without the aid of artificial intelligence, or, robotics, or, wifi, or any other devices, is built to create a protopia. Of course due the high probability of hacking and counter hacking, this protopia can be a dysfunctional dystopia too. Using a series of verbs, such as becoming, or, beginning, Kevin Kelly was able to explain why a world driven by computers are always evolving to be better, and there are always people around to maintain and make them better, hence, the perpetual upgrade. An average app, indeed, does not last more than a month, before the codes begin to degrade and the performance begin to erode.

All of that point to a world that will change beyond redemption. Anyone who doesn't read this book from page to page will find themselves struggling in a vastly difficult, challenging, in many cases, dangerous world. US was the pivotal democracy. Yet, its presidential election was mired in a hacking controversy to rival Watergates many times over. This alone is a warning sign that not all things are quiet on the Western front.