The Next Pandemic By Ali Khan and William Patrick

The Next Pandemic By Ali Khan and William Patrick

“The Next Pandemic,” is well written by Ali Khan and William Parry, with the former disclosing many of his field trips on behalf of the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

But what this book cannot explain is the extent to which the prestigious CDC in Atlanta has not been able to guide the US from becoming the epidemic of precisely such an outbreak?

Dr. Ali Khan, who is the Dean of the University of Nebraska, could not have answered. The book was completed in 2016.

But what both he and William Parry should have done was to explain the huge gap between the performance of the CDC and the massive outbreak of the pandemic that one has witnessed across the world.

Although the book is divided into the chapters, it only spends one chapter on SARS and barely two pages on Coronavirus (pg 182-184).

But, for those who want to understand other forms of diseases, such as ZIKA, Influenza or Lyme disease, the book can prove helpful indeed.

Sadly, the world does not seem to want to listen to epidemiologists such as Dr Ali Khan. Basic issues such as the wearing of the mask to protect oneself and others have been politized beyond measures.

In all this is a good book, but not as strong the scholarship of Sonia Shah.