Pandemic by AG Riddle Post author

Pandemic by AG Riddle Post author

“Pandemic” is a work of fiction, albeit guided by real science, according to A.G. Riddle.

Spanning 135 chapters, the publisher has been kind enough to allow AG Riddle to allow his mind to wander away; on a virus called X-1 Mandera.

“Pandemic,” as a book was long and tedious, where the final global fatalities reached 31,000,00 at the end after a vaccine was found.

The problem with the book, probably began on the false premise, that the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, knew exactly how to defend the US, indeed, the larger world from the pandemic——when it was faced with one. It didn’t , and still hasn’t as of June 19, 2020. Cases are still sprouting up all over the US and the rest of the world.

Not surprisingly, fueled by fake news, and the basic refusal to even put on an N95 mask, fuelled further, by a large drove of protests over the death of George Floyd on May 28, 2020, invariably, due to police brutality of the Minnesota State Police Department, this book could not have understood the gravity of what the United States of America was about to face; either as a public health crisis combined with political combustion that refused to stop.

As this is written, some 2 million Americans have been infected; with more than 100,000 fatalities. Astoundingly enough, President Donald Trump called the number a “milestone” devoid of any serious empathy with the COVID 19 patients and frontliners and essential workers.

All the states that refused to comply with any prolonged stay and shelter lock-down across the United States, were forced by President Trump to reopen, although some Governors, clearly pushed back. As things are, the United States, Brazil, Russia and Peru, are badly hit. And, they just made matters worse for their private and public hospitals by now seeking the relevant international help.

Although “Pandemic,” by A.G. Riddle claims to be a best seller with 3 million copies of sales, that being said, there are zero signs, if at all, that the author understood the distinction between Coronavirus, Sars Cov II, and COVID 19 at all. This is a disappointing book, to say the least. It has not redeemed the author nor the gravity of the subject at all.